John Christenson’s a commercial and fine art photographer whose work primarily focuses on interior, lifestyle, portrait and documentary/street photography.  He uses the camera as a tool to capture the world around him which has produced fine art projects on Bboys ‘movement+shapes’ photographed over a 2 year period documenting the energy, fluidity and brotherhood of break dancing on the Lower East Side of NYC to the series “Urban Beaches’ photographed at Coney Island capturing the lifestyle of beachgoers in the city to his current project titled ‘Window Shopping’ photographing mannequins in storefronts and the world that lives outside these windows.  This series has been a work in progress over the last 5 years photographing windows in NYC, Paris, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Omaha, Los Angeles and Tokyo and will be hanging in the gallery at The Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis through March 23rd 2018.   John is also the founder/curator of the Oil+Ink Gallery, a traveling gallery specializing in Moto related illustrative arts working with artists from around the globe.

John has had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients both commercial and editorial including Target, Sony, Panasonic, Children's Theatre, Colette Jaffe, Mrs. Smith's Pies, Prospect Refuge, Valentine+Wood, P.F. Changs, Caribou Coffee, Whole Foods, Abbotsford Farms, Microsoft, United Healthcare, Summit Orthopedic, United Health Groupe, Esquire, Mpls St. Paul, Minnesota Monthly, Midwest Home, Spaces, Fast Company, American Airlines and Sunset Magazine.